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Michael Tie

Fri, 06.03.2015 - 18:19

I am keen to advise you of an example of extraordinary customer service provided by one of your staff members at the Practicar Nanaimo branch.

My family and I rented a vehicle from this branch on 26 February 2015 and returned the vehicle on 1 March 2015. At both ends of the booking we were served by Keerran Sims, one of your Customer Service Representatives based at Nanaimo.

We had phoned the Nanaimo office from the ferry terminal after arriving at Departure Bay to request a pick up, and Keerran took our call. I explained that we were visiting from Australia and had no idea of how to get to your office, and Keerran advised that she would come to pick us up at the terminal. She arrived with a wave and a smile less than 10 minutes later.

Back at the Practicar office Keerran carefully explained all of the processes involved for the rental and all of the costs. She also provided us information for our proposed route, and also provided initial directions for us to safely exit the Practicar driveway on our way to Tofino. The service provided by Keerran left us with an excellent first impression of both your organisation and the Vancouver Island prople. First impressions of the Vancouver Island weather on the drive to Tofino were not nearly as good, but fortunately it improved enormously the next day and stayed that way for our short visit.

On our last day we drove from Victoria north to Nanaimo with the intention of taking the 5:00 pm ferry to Horseshoe Bay, but after getting away earlier than expected we decided to try for the 3:00pm service. Coming into Nanaimo we phoned ahead to ask if a lift to the ferry terminal was available and we found that Keerran was again on duty and that she would be happy to drop us off. We explained that we were tight for time and Keerran said that she would process my paperwork as quickly as possible, then drive us to Departure Bay. She was even waiting at the office door as we arrived, again with the same smile and wave. To cut a long story short we made the ferry with about 2 minutes to spare, and and this meant our drive back to Whistler was achieved mostly in daylight, which I preferred to driving in the dark.

I work as an aviation safety inspector for the Australian Government and one local process followed by my executive manager each week is to read to the staff at our weekly meeting any messages of appreciation he receives from customers or other stakeholders we deal with as part of normal business. Keerran Sims provided provided exceptional customer service as part of your normal business and I am happy to pass on the details of the great work she is doing as an ambassador of your company. I hope that someone in your organisation is able to provide this feedback to Keerran as she did a fine job and left this Aussie family with a great impression of Vancouver Island hospitality.

Congratulations of your organisation's choice of staff. 

Michael Tie,

Sydney, Australia


Andrea Ollenberger

Mon, 02.03.2015 - 17:52


I wanted to give a big thank you to the ladies at the Nanaimo office, KEERAN SIMS and CORRINA HUPPE for their fantastic assistance and customer service! Where other companies seemed disinterested, difficult and unhelpful, Keerran really made our day and went the extra mile to make sure we were taken great care of. As a result, we returned to rent again from the Nanaimo branch where both Keerran and Corrina were, again, above the average customer care we received from competitors. Because of their great work, rest assured we shall return as customers and your office has our vote for car rentals on the assured, we will pass our two thumbs up along.

Thanks again! 

Andrea Ollenberger
and Daniel Ethier

Dr Lynn Echevarria

Thu, 22.11.2012 - 19:13

Over the last several years I have rented cars from Practicar-- sometimes for ten days, at other times for several months duration. Coming from out of province I usually take the Airport Shuttle from Nanaimo Airport to Practicar (15 minutes) and then pick up the car and drive to Duncan to visit family. I repeat the process on the way back- it is seamless and easy.
The cars I have driven have always been impeccably clean, comfortable, and roadworthy.   The service the agents give is efficient and courteous, and the rental cost is very reasonably-priced. The agents are friendly and have always endeavored to assist me in whatever way they could.
I highly recommend Practicar.

Dr Lynn Echevarria Yukon


Wed, 21.11.2012 - 19:02



Wed, 21.11.2012 - 18:49

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In 1970 we started in a 2-bay service station with our commitment to provide personalized service.  We have operated a new car dealership and acquired the Practicar franchise and U-Haul franchise.  We have a fully equipped service facility with knowledgeable staff and we can provide top quality service for your vehicle.

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